Thavazhum Kannan- 1 piece

"Thavalara Kannan" is a popular theme in South Indian Golu displays during the Navaratri festival.
It typically represents Lord Krishna as a mischievous child. The term "Thavalara" in Tamil refers to someone who steals butter, and "Kannan" is another name for Lord Krishna.
"Thavalara Kannan" Golu Doll typically depicts Lord Krishna in his childhood form, often with a mischievous expression, holding a pot of butter (representing his love for butter) or engaging in playful activities. He might be shown with a flute, peacock feather in his hair, and adorned with traditional jewelry.
Golu padi featuring "Thavalara Kannan" is a delightful and whimsical portrayal of Lord Krishna's early years and his playful nature, which is a beloved theme in the Navaratri Golu arrangement.
Celebrate Navarati by buying golu and return gift from shoppe seva.

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