Pulikachal (300 gm)

Pulikachal or Tamarind Rice Paste is a thick saucy preparation used to make Tamarind Rice or Puliyodharai or Puliyogare or Pulihora- a staple dish across multiple Indian states and a popular offering in temples and puja ceremonies.

To prepare Pulikachal rice, simply mix the Pulikachal paste with hot freshly cooked rice, and it's ready to serve. Pair it with ShoppeSeva's selection of Appalams, Vadams and Vathals for a delectable dining experience.

Authentic Taste of Kallidaikurichi
All our home-made products are sourced from native manufacturers of Kallidaikurichi, the South Indian town synonymous with authentic traditional appalams, vathals and pickles.

Simple, Elegant, Delicious
Combining a tamarind base with ground spices, peanuts and dollops of oil, Pulikachal is known for its simple elegance that makes it one of the region's signature dishes.

The perfect combo of texture and taste
Bringing together the tanginess of tamarind, the heat of red chillies and the depth provided by traditonal spices in oil, the crunchy toppings add an additional layer of texture. You can also add roasted peanuts or cashews for extra delight.

Convenient, Versatile Delicacy
Mix with hot freshly cooked rice and serve with fries or vegetables. It also goes well with with curd rice, idlis or dosas.
Tamarind Rice can also be enjoyed as a standalone meal, making it the ideal choice for picnics, festival occasions and gatherings.

Home-made with natural ingredients.
No added chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours.
Sealed, leak-proof packaging.
Store in a dry place.

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