Crafted from environmentally friendly natural jute fibres, our collection of jute bags seamlessly blends style and sustainability for eco-conscious consumers.
Whether you're grocery shopping or attending a casual gathering, carrying your lunch or going on a beach outing, this jute bag offers versatile functionality to suit various needs. Comfortable to carry, its spacious interior accommodates your essentials with ease.

Eco-friendly- renewable and biodegradable | Stylish and Practical | Chic customisable design

Looking for a neat return gift for guests visiting your family events?
For bulk orders, we can even stitch your own custom message on
the bag! You can also choose a return gift / memento to go with the bag.

Say goodbye to single-use plastics, reduce your carbon footprint, embrace a reusable solution and contribute to a greener planet.
Pick your preferred style, design and size from our collection.

Size: Jute bags are available in two sizes: 9"X11" to 11"X13".
Compartments: 1
Material: Jute fibre

Our bags and purses are sourced from local manufacturers and provide employment to rural communities and empower women.

Care Instructions:
Clean regularly with a soft brush or a dry cloth. Blot away liquid spills as soon as possible. If wet, dry naturally after blotting. Avoid using artificial heating devices. Do not wipe or scrub over prints or embroidery. Do not overfill as the item may lose its shape or undergo damage.

Disclaimer: Dimensions provided are approximate. Actual colour and design may vary for clothing and accessory items like bags and purses. Please contact our outlet (Ph: +91-7299544401, E: sales@shoppeseva.com) to confirm availability of your preferred colours and designs before you order.

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